Ease of Doing Business

At the National Workshop held at New Delhi on 29th December 2014, all states were committed to transforming India into one or Worlds most transparent, competitive and profitable nations to manufacture in. The Government of India has laid immense emphasis on Ease of Doing Business and has highlighted the imperative need for India to radically improve its position in the World Bank study from the present 142 to within top 50.


The Singe Window clearance system is in vogue in the State of Tamil Nadu with the Tamil Nadu Industrial Guidance and Export Promotion Bureau under the control of SIPCOT and this department is one of the agencies to approve clearances required for a project. For getting clearance from Fir and Rescue Services Department under the above scheme log onto www.investingintamilnadu.com.  However, to attract more investments and to improve the brand image of the State of Tamil Nadu, the Government had decided to expedite the issue of all the necessary clearances required for each project in final shape as mandated under the various Acts / Rules relating to the various agencies and has decided to get all such clearances issued by all the agencies / departments within a period of 30 days.


Procedure for getting NOC for Multistoried and Non-Multistoried Buildings click here

List of Jurisdictional District Officers with whom the application for Non_MSB has to be submitted