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What to do in case of fire?

Type of Fire  What to do?

On wood, paper or clothes

Pour water - Cover thick woolen cloth

On oil in a frying pan
Shut out the heat source and cover the pan with a lid

Electric fire
Switch off the main and put sand on the fire
Big fire
Raise an alarm and run out of the house immediately.
- Do not wait to collect your possessions.
- Never hide inside a bed or in a cupboard.
- If you are in a multi-storied building use the stairs to run down and do not use the lift.
- Call the fire brigade (It is a FREE SERVICE)

Fire Safety in Home and Other Places


Usage of match boxes :

- Strike matches away from the body.

- Keep a lighted match ready before turning the knob of a gas burner.

- Stoves should be placed on a raised platform and not on the ground.

- Connect only one electric plug in a socket.

- Storage shelves should be away from the burner so that you do not have to lean over the flame to fetch the items.

- Never play with children or allow children to play in the kitchen.

- Do not keep a lighted stove or burner near a gas cylinder.

- Always close the regulator when the gas is not used.

- Replace the rubber tubes regularly so that it does not leak.

- Never place the cylinder in a horizontal position. Keep it vertical.

- Good house keeping with proper arrangement of furniture, vessels and kitchen arrangements itself is a good fire safety measure.

In case of a gas leak from the LPG Cylinder:

- Do not take any naked flame or allow a spark if you smell a gas leak.

- Do not operate any electrical switch as the spark it causes may result in an explosion
and a fire.

- Open the door and windows and allow the gas to escape (LPG is heavier than air and so it tends to settle down on the ground or floor level)

- If it is possible try to remove the leaking cylinder to a safe and open place so that the gas goes out and escapes.

In case of a fire in Cinema Hall:

- When you enter the auditorium check where the normal exits and where the emergency exits are.

- Rush out as soon as possible, through the exits and reach a place of safety.
- Do not panic.

- If there is smoke, lie on the floor as a smoke is usually lighter than air and tends to float.
Crawl on the floor on all fours near the wall, if the place is filled with smoke.

- Use the stairs while running down.

- Do not smoke in the auditorium, toilet, refreshment halls etc.

- See where the fire extinguishers are and use them to put out the fire.

Safety tips against fire in Hotels :

- Ask the porter / room boy about the ordinary as well as emergency passages, particularly the escape routes in the event of a fire.

- Find out the nearest escape route from your room.

- Carrying and using liquids which are inflammable constitute a fire hazard.

- Electrical equipment must not be adjusted or altered without the permission of the management.

- Do not smoke in the bed.

- In case you smell smoke, raise an alarm.

- On the outbreak of fire, do not panic. You may sometimes be safer in your room.

- Leave the hotel by the staircase.

- Do not walk through smoke but crawl on all fours and keep moving along the wall on the exit side.

- Read fire safety instructions / fire plan, if available.


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